I’m not often in New York over a weekend, but when I am, my Sundays have a distinct pattern. It all starts with a lazy breakfast at one of the many neighborhood joints in Tribeca. Unfortunately, although I’m just across the road from Bubby’s, it’s become such an attraction it’s lost its local charm.

From there it’s into Barnes & Noble which just opened on Greenwich Street. Nothing beats early Sunday morning, Starbucks in hand, browsing the latest fiction and listening to the newest CDs. Ritualistically from there it’s into Soho, where I used to live. When I first came to New York, I lived on West Broadway between Prince and Spring before it turned into a shopping mall. My two favorite stores are Ben Sherman and the adidas old school store on Broome, both of which feed my nostalgia. Moss is also right up there, as is my newest Lovemark, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Her store is opposite the adidas shop and has a large heart in the window. The heart is what keeps Agatha’s designs pumping. She is a breath of fresh air in the jaded world of ‘me-too’ fashion. This is a women who drips with radical optimism, energy, life and buoyancy. Starting out in 1980, she still manages to see the world through a teenager’s eyes. Recently she’s created a complete fashion collection for Absolut Vodka, an exclusive Citroen Berlingo, and a collection of Espardrills for Camper shoes. We are also talking about a sustainability disciple who has even created an ad campaign for the Green Party. This is a person who believes the future will depend on today’s children and has created a range of kid’s clothes full of promise, sunshine, joy and blue skies. I’m in there every Sunday when I’m in New York making sure that Stella is covered in happiness.

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