Diesel Walls

I’m a great fan of the Diesel spirit – provocative, irreverent, forever-young. Maybe because I was recently in Berlin, the idea of wall art has been circling in my head. Diesel have been doing their Dieselwall project for a couple of years now. The idea is simple. Get a blank wall and an artist and put them together in one of the world’s great cities. Barcelona, Zurich, New York and the rest. The resulting collision attracts hot creative design into parts of a city that have been blanded out. I’ve always loved the idea of artists and designers let loose into the city as disrupters, illuminators and change agents, and this competition of Diesel’s looks like it achieves all three. If you check out Dieselwall there are still a couple of walls hanging out for great designs to impress the judging panels. You don’t have to be a professional designer or artist to win a wall, just a restless creative spirit with a big idea. As Diesel say, “Big ideas need big spaces.”

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