Monocle magazine goes from strength to strength. It still has the same rich mixture of current affairs, business, culture, and design that makes it a must-have on any long flight. But now Monocle has leapt off its pages and out of it website into the big wide world and done something close to my heart. In London, just off the Marylebone High Street, Monocle has launched a tiny store in which they have arranged their Lovemarks. They’ve put their money where their mouths are and stood behind some products taken from the advertisers in their own pages.

I’ve always thought that a Lovemarks shop would be a winner. Some of my favorite retail experiences are those curated by smart and skillful hearts and minds. Those savvy people who can put together objects and ideas to create a unique experience with special shoppers in mind. Colette and Moss both continue to reinvent themselves so they can inspire us. We all know from our own retail experiences that it is the mix that makes the magic. Some shop windows stop you in your tracks with a clever assortment of products you never thought of being together. That is the beauty of the Lovemarks store idea. The curatorial premise (as they would call it in art museums) is that each item is linked to the others simply by the love of Inspirational Consumers. There’s no functional associations or category limit, just insight into what matters to shoppers.

Imagine you are walking down the main street and you see a small, well-lit place that has this line-up on its shelves: Moleskine, iPod, an IKEA chair, Tiffany & Co. jewelry, Bose, Dualit toasters, Beyond toothpaste, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, Matt & Nat bags, Natura skin cleanser. What connects this variety of products? It’s not the superb taste of Murray Moss or the pulse of the latest trends picked up by Colette, it’s the simple fact that they all are included in’s Top Five lists. Who wouldn’t push open the door and step inside?

One day I hope to create my Lovemarks store, but as I love Monocle, their store sounds like a great start.

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