This week SaatchiNY has launched a movement with two magic ingredients: fun and family. ‘Together Counts’ is a new initiative for the Healthy Weight Foundation that aims to inspire us all to live active, healthy lives, together. In an always-on world where it’s all too easy to do your own thing – whatever age you are – this is inspired stuff, powered by Lovemarks and social gaming theory. The campaign challenges families to pledge to get together once a week for at least one meal and one activity, with the basic goal of balancing the number of calories you consume with the number you expend. To make it easier to keep your pledge, and to up the ante a little, the whole thing is backed by a great website with tips, stories, and a map where you can see how well you’re doing compared to other families in your state, and how your state matches up against others. There’s also a cool mobile app to log and track your progress. Virtual prizes reward the faithful and add an extra feel-good factor. I like that this feels so achievable. A Do One Thing approach. And surely the healthiest thing about this is what it’ll do for families that make the commitment and see it through. Nice one. Take the pledge.

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