Steve Jobs has officially stepped aside as CEO of Apple, handing over the reins to COO Tim Cook and taking up the role of Chairman. It’s a move I felt would be good for everyone earlier in the year when Jobs was having more health problems, and hopefully it will make life easier for a brilliant man.

The question everyone’s asking is whether Apple will still have the incredible vision it took to invent or reinvent whole product categories – inspired creations that make Apple one of the world’s most valuable companies. Does Apple have another Blue Ocean thinker?

To be fair, only time will tell if Apple can keep reimagining our lives and growing its bottom line. But I’d prefer to be radically optimistic. And a good reason to be upbeat is this article from Fast Company. It points out that although there are some clear differences between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook as leaders, there are also some important similarities: notably that emotion and intuition play a key role in their approach to life and business. Steve Jobs is incomparable, but at this level the leadership shift is an Apples and Apples match up, a good fit and a great foundation for the future. All the best Tim & Steve.

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