Just been for a run? Odds are you’re more likely to ‘like’, tweet, post or forward something I send your way. That’s the outtake from this interesting piece by Maria Konnikova on the work of Jonah Berger on The Big Think. Turns out if you’re pumped you’re a lot more likely to pass things on.

Berger’s work makes a distinction between arousal – in a scientific sense, referring to the state we’re in when our heartbeat is elevated and our nerves are charged – and emotion. In experiments he found that people presented with just an emotional stimulus weren’t as likely to share something with their friends as those who had their nervous system cranked up. But get them firing on all cylinders and you’ve got a potent recipe for domino-like pass-it-on connectivity; one touch and everyone follows.

From a Lovemarks perspective this should all be in the mix. Berger’s arousal feels like the Sensual dimension to a compelling brand; the thing that engages you physically and makes you come alive. To know that this is what makes you more inclined to share something is a welcome revelation. Add Intimacy and Mystery and you’re turbo-charged for powerful connections not just with individual consumers, but with entire communities. So reach out and move someone to share today.

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