You’ve Got Mail – Only This Time It’s Cool

Conventional mail went through ultra-commodification years ago. Once the letterbox was a rich emotional reservoir of letters, postcards and parcels, but today it’s often the domain of the bill, brutally rational and loveless.

Which is why I like the sound of, a subscription service created by Ned Corbett-Winder after a friend complained of never getting any post at work. Sign up and Ned will guarantee that once a month something surprising and uplifting will turn up in the mail. His gifts are the stuff of attics, vintage fairs and antique shops: rubber stamps, stationery kits, silkscreen prints and other designer curios, beautifully wrapped and labeled “smile, I’m not a bank statement”. It’s Mysterious, Sensual and Intimate, everything mail ought to be.

The beating heart of this business is the charm of the unexpected, and like all generous people Ned has an open source approach – if you make beautiful things or have an idea you’d like to share, he’s keen to hear from you. Nice work, Ned – the world needs more surprises of the good kind.

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