Inspiration Through Adversity

It has been a year since Japan experienced one of the worst natural disasters in history, but their drive to succeed and hard working ethos has kept the country ticking though hard times. In a recent presentation on Japan’s Best Global Brands, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer, Jez Frampton, asked his audience two important questions:

  • Can the same determination and spirit we see in Japan today be used to revitalize their overseas brand relationships tomorrow?
  • Can Japanese businesses be as agile and responsive on the world stage as their citizen volunteers were in Tohoku?

Some of the world’s biggest brands are Japanese and most homes would have at least one Japanese product – think Toyota, Sony, Nintendo, Canon. Consumers usually choose these brands for their technical efficiency, innovation and sustainability. They outperform their competitors and are committed to delivering the best products possible. It’s their spirit of kaizen (continuous improvement) that sets them apart from the rest.

‘Brand Japan’ is a crucial factor in the global success of Japanese companies and it will be their ability to tell their story that will help them fend off stiff competition from Korean and Chinese manufacturers. It is all about celebrating achievement and showing the importance of values that go into building a successful brand.

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