Speed and Motion

In a blog post that recounts his experience of walking the Formula One track in Abu Dhabi, and how ‘going against the grain’ can lead to great reward, Tim Leberecht makes an interesting point on the difference between speed and motion. “Speed, like happiness, is relative. Motion, on the other hand, is happiness’ absolute requirement. Motion is what holds it all together.” Once a shark stops swimming it dies. (The same can be said for relationships. As Bob Dylan said, if you aren’t busy being born you are busy dying.)

We can learn a lot from people who challenge the norms, who refuse to accept the impossible and who push the boundaries. These types of people are hugely creative – always looking for new angles and different ways to achieve their goals. They are the navigators of the NOW. Connectors moving in a fast global economy where ideas are shared with millions in an instant and yesterday’s idea is today’s reality.

Keeping things in motion means never losing a second. Being sensitive to the incredible changes around us. It’s about living in the moment, not in the future and not in the past.

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