Text ‘CPR’ to 70030 and Donate £5 to Create a Life-saver

Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba’s collapsed on the field during a mid March FA Cup match at White Hart Lane. He stopped breathing and fell unconscious. He’d suffered cardiac arrest. It’s reported his heart stopped beating for seven minutes, and that his life was saved by the efforts of first responders and a consultant cardiologist who leapt down from the stands to assist. He was admitted to a London hospital critically ill. Remarkably and thankfully, he has recovered and attended a return Bolton-Tottenham match on Wednesday night, acknowledging the support of 36,000 fans.

It’s unclear whether Fabrice will play professional football again – what is clear is just how important it is for people to know how to use CPR to help someone who has had a heart attack.

There’s a promotion this weekend on TV and in 10 football stadiums run by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), Sky Sports and the Premier League to raise money to save lives. It’s totally worthy of your support, today and any day of the week. It costs £5 to train someone with the skills to save a life. This is what they are asking from you, £5.

The BHF teaches people emergency life support skills in assessing an unconscious patient, performing CPR, and helping someone who may be having a heart attack. They want you to know how to help in a medical emergency (or give a fiver).

If someone is having a heart attack in front of you, it’s a really serious matter. You need to act fast and decisively, which is why Vinnie Jones is on the job.  To communicate a succinct message on what to do, BHF through Grey London have paired Vinnie with the Bee Gees (you’ll have to see it).  Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Richard Hytner (who is ManU to his toes, this I will forgive him but never forget) is at the center of a bunch of conversations and deals around this program, including a Sky Sports Special Report on heart disease which screens Monday night.

Your fiver will fund more CPR training and defibrillators. Life-saver will be promoted in match day programmes, on advertising boards, on a giant on-pitch flag before each match; and in the British Heart Foundation’s 700 shops across the UK.

Heart disease is the UK’s No 1 killer. See

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