Is your company its own worst enemy?

Lisa Bodells, FutureThink CEO and author of Kill the Company, says that corporate structures set in place to promote company growth can also be holding you back. Bodell’s book provides a new way of looking at how businesses can think, grow and innovate. I agree with her comments that anyone can create change and have the power to innovate. Risk is always a sticking point in business and too often I’ve seen people stick with the status quo just because it’s the safer option.

In today’s highly connected world where things change in an instant and people expect immediate action, businesses can’t always take the safe option. It takes guts to ditch complacency and do something different. Leaders who challenge the status quo and innovate are driving the shape of business worldwide. I’ve said it before – management is dead. To win in the Age of Now, companies need to have an inspired purpose. People want to be taken on a journey of discovery and growth.

I’ve written about the growth of movements and this is also something Bodell talks about in her book, saying that people need to “get inspired” and “think big”. In order to innovate you need to successfully weed out the things that are holding you back and ditching complacency is a pretty good start.

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Kevin Roberts

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