Making Luxury Irresistible Blue

Travel isn’t great for the environment, so it is good that hotels are now providing more ways for travelers to offset and minimize their impact.  (People are natural explorers. Just because it’s far away doesn’t mean we’re going to stop seeing it.) The average hotel produces about one kilo of waste per guest per day, and about half of this waste can be recycled. It’s quickly becoming standard practice to do doing things like use energy-efficient light bulbs and cut back on plastics, but to be 100% sustainable is serious business.

Sustainability requires strategic thinking, courage and resourcefulness. Luxury gets a bad rap for being wasteful so I am proud to say that luxury hotels are actually one market that is at the forefront of transforming their industry into being Irresistible Blue. And it’s catching on. As more consumers demand sustainability, more hotels will be changing for good. In India, luxury hotels are focusing on energy and water conservation. Now consider that there were 500 hotels and 90,000 rooms developed in India in 2011 alone.

Three eco-luxe hotels that possess seriously True Blue credentials are: Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa (Australia), Laguna Lodge (Guatemala), The Scarlet (UK). These hotels use renewable energy, support local procurement to reduce food miles, are involved in flora and fauna preservation and are strongly involved with their local communities. One of my favorites in Grasmere is Moss Grove Organic. It’s got the planet at heart, right down to its natural-ink wallpapers and reclaimed timber beds. It’s a business proposition that attracts a global clientele whilst protecting the local market. And you get a priceless experience as a result. If that’s not good, I don’t know what is.

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