At a time when business re-engineering, restructuring and re-everything only add incremental growth, the traditional MBA is pretty outdated. I’ve been talking for a while about Creative Leadership as the next evolution. You won’t find this in management mantras, case studies or spreadsheets.

The unreasonable power of creativity is the value accelerator. Getting out in front and staying there is about having creative ideas and finding creative solutions. It’s about delivering mind-blowing experiences and heart-lifting change.

‘CEO’ should mean ‘Chief Excitement Officer’, and the need to inspire people and to deliver value creatively is radically altering the job requirements of senior executives. This article from KRConnect reader Becky Celestine on CEOs with liberal arts majors is a reminder of the value of traveling both wide and deep.

The corporate recruitment process is miles behind the curve, and boundary expanders like philosophy, literature, language and theater should be written in, not written off, as credentials for winning in business.

The more angles and edges in your playbook, the more creativity will sing. As Steve Jobs said, creativity is just connecting things.

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