A Stroke Of Genius

Bars are pretty hot right now. And I’m not talking the kind where you sit down and have a pint with friends. Beauty bars give manicures in-store, yoghurt bars double as tasting labs, Lexus has a service bar that helps customers understand the advanced technology their cars have to offer.

I’m a fan of this concept because it puts the customer at the heart of business. It’s the opportunity for brands to develop strong relationships with their customers and provide the personalized service that people are looking for. For consumers, it’s the chance to work through issues with a real person who is trained to answer your question or fix your problem in the fastest way possible.

The key for any bar concept is that it needs to retain its original associations as a place to socialize and have a good time. Despite being a ‘help desk’, the Genius Bar is a lively, friendly atmosphere where customers sit down, relax and chat about their issues with one of Apple’s resident Genius’. They may have come in with a problem but they almost always walk away feeling inspired and empowered, rekindling their passion for everything Apple.

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