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Stephen Covey, one of the world’s leading experts on organizational leadership, passed away in July leaving behind him a legacy of game-changing ideas. Covey’s unique combination of intellect and empathy helped him pave the way for new ways of thinking about Peak Performance.

While the world will best remember Covey for his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The 8th Habit resonates with me the most. In it he outlines the issues of managers trying to apply outdated, Industrial Age principles in an environment that no longer functions in the same way. He urges managers to stop looking backwards, focus firmly on the here and now and change the way they look at business. For me this means moving into the Age of Now.

Regardless of whether you look at employees or customers, it’s clear the era of carrot and stick motivation is well and truly over. Businesses that thrive most are those that engage people with emotion, inspiring them with a goal bigger than themselves.

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