Watching Rafa Nadal move around the court could make you believe he is super-human, but with tendinitis in his knees, Rafa is subject to human frailties just like the rest of us. As a person who has also suffered for tennis, it’s a painful reminder of how dependent we are on our bodies.

Rafa has had to pull out of big tournaments in previous years due to injury, but this time it has cost him a place at the London Olympics. This is a double blow for Rafa as his lifelong dream of bearing the Spanish flag at the Olympics has also been dashed. At 26 years old with 11 Grand Slam titles, even a professional athlete like Rafa has dreams that need to be put on hold when the body calls you to hit the brakes.

Whether you’re wielding a tennis racquet or the mighty mouse, we all need to take time out to reassess, re-prioritize and recuperate. Driving ourselves too hard can be detrimental to reaching our goals and stop us from enjoying life. Like Rafa, we should make what is sometimes a difficult decision to step back and rest so that we can come back stronger and fight another day.

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