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Old models of leadership are out of date in the modern context in which leaders operate. To inspire, motivate and journey your brand through this VUCA world, much of what has been practiced before needs to be re-visited. How do leaders operate in an emotional world? How do you shape your worldview when your teams, clients and suppliers are from every part of the globe and represent a wide spread of cultures?

Pondering this question, the World Economic Forum recently released a paper exploring new models of leadership that take into account the hyper-connected, resource poor, global environment that we all now work, live and play in. It draws on contributions on topics like Purpose, Connectivity and Society from great thinkers from organizations like Google, MIT, Harvard, London Business School and even the assistant coach from the Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team.

In his chapter on the Leader and the “Edge” of self, designer John Maeda quotes Dr Mario Alonso Puig: “When we embrace a difficult situation as if we’ve chosen it ourselves, we transcend our mental limits.” This is the mindset of people who lead real change.

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