Powering The Economy With STEAM

There has been a recent drive to ensure that STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – becomes more prevalent in the education system. Those behind the STEM movement say that we need to focus more on technological production and invention in order to compete with growing economies like China and India. But if we really want to pick up the pace and continue competing on the world stage, shouldn’t we add creativity to the equation?

Rhode Island School of Design President, John Maeda, fervently believes this to be the case and is leading the charge to transform STEM into STEAM by adding an ‘A’ for Art. Artists and designers are a big part of the products that people connect with emotionally. Who wants to love something that is ugly and unusable?

We can power up the economy and implement positive change by pursuing innovation AND creativity. Art teaches us to imagine and play with possibilities. It helps us see outside our current frame of thought and demands ideas. Most of all art and design elevates our quality of life – and that makes the world a more beautiful place to live in.

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Kevin Roberts

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