Ferran Adrià is one of the most creative and innovative people of our era. This is a man who has transformed what we know about food, serves “sushi” as dessert and makes edible jewellery out of olive oil. By constantly questioning what’s possible and asking ‘why not?’ Ferran has made a name for himself as an original thinker; someone who is not afraid of uncharted territory.

The experience and food at Ferran’s restaurant, elBulli in Roses, Catalonia, was so coveted that in 2011 it had 2 million requests for 8,000 places. But at the peak of elBulli’s notoriety, Adrià and his team closed their doors to focus on innovation, not just for food, but for the creative process, collaboration and technology. This is how the elBulli Foundation was born.

In the latest issue of Wired magazine, Ferran talks about his plans for the Foundation and being interdisciplinary in his thinking. A mash up of science, philosophy, art and technology is what leads him to what’s now, what’s next and what’s never been before. From the conception of La Bullipedia – an online, living resource documenting every piece of gastronomic knowledge known to man, to using technology to make food knowledge accessible for all, I have no doubt Ferran’s creations will dazzle us all.

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