Life is full of decisions. Every one of us makes hundreds of decisions each day, from make or break business calls, to what to eat for lunch. The trouble is that the further you travel down your career path, the more the decisions you have to make and the more taxing they become.

Research has shown that decision making doesn’t just take up time; it uses up mental energy. Whether you’re deciding which shoes to wear or whether to sign on the dotted line, the energy to make the decision is coming from the same ‘energy source’. And that source can run low and it can run out.

The trick is to focus on what’s most important and make more decisions with your heart. Follow your emotional instinct. Pass the other stuff on to others you trust. Surround yourself with great people who have the ability to make the right decisions first time and you’ll get the clutter out of your head and have more energy to do the things that are really important to you. And to do them right.

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is founder of Red Rose Consulting; business leader and educator; author and speaker; adviser on marketing, creative thinking and leadership.


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