Gone are the days when beatniks, punks and rock n’ rollers are what youth aspire to be. Entrepreneurs are the new rebels with a cause.

If you talk to Millennials, you’ll find that they are inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg rather than celebrities. The high life now comes not with being famous, but in the ability to do and make stuff. Start-up kings and queens around the world are setting revolutions in motion and becoming champions of the idea that “Nothing Is Impossible”.

A recent New York Times article called this phenomenon Generation Sell. Whatever their passion, whatever their idea / product / dream – people are packaging them in the form of small businesses, spreading the word and trying to make a name for themselves. I’ve always said that business is a great way to make the world a better place, and the fact that a whole generation is getting on the bandwagon is just fantastic.

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is founder of Red Rose Consulting; business leader and educator; author and speaker; adviser on marketing, creative thinking and leadership.


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