The Writing’s On The Wall

Some of the young’uns at Saatchi & Saatchi speculate that I am still to discover the internet because I send them handwritten notes – Montblanc’d, PDF’d and email’d. Cheeky sods. The handwritten word carries so much identity and personality. Here are 10 ideas (from Philip Hensher, author of The Missing Ink, and a few of my own) on how we can encourage a culture of handwriting.
  1. Handwriting should continue to be taught in schools
    London University’s Institute of Education reported that less than half of students in the UK were taught handwriting at school.
  2. Enjoy your own handwriting
    You are how you write, so you might as well learn to enjoy it.
  3. Rediscover the joy of writing by hand
    Start with a great pen. My Montblanc is a Lovemark of mine. Irresistible.
  4. Play with letterforms
    You’re not the same person you were 10 years ago, so why should your handwriting look the same as it did then?
  5. Make lists
    It’s a great way to stay focused and get things done. I have a daily, weekly and annual list.
  6. Write to others
    Put down on paper what you want to say to those important to you. Be upbeat. Then mail it.
  7. Write your thanks
    When you receive great service, share your gratitude. Make the effort and write a thank you note.
  8. Get your handwriting analyzed
    You’ll be amazed at how much it says about you. Malcolm McLeod did mine 20 years ago on Hayman island. And helped me know me better.
  9. Create a personalized font
    Talk to a typographer and get a font made that reflects your personality.
  10. Learn calligraphy
    This is where handwriting starts to look and feel a lot like art.

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