Buildings For The Brain

The retail industry has long understood the relationship between the use of space and the way people shop. The look and feel of a store evokes emotions and provokes perceptions, which then influence if people will buy a product or give it a miss. The effect of color on our moods has also been flogged by interior designers. Red is for passion and stimulates the appetite. Blues are calming but can be cold and depressing.

Now, architects and neuroscientists are working together to explore how space and design in buildings can interact with the performance of our brains. Institutions like the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture are working to bring together what we know about how the brain responds to space to transform environments to suit our needs. People with diseases like Alzheimer’s may soon have homes that help them strengthen their memory. Premature babies may have their visual and auditory systems boosted with softer lighting. It’s just another example of how And/And has the ability to deliver amazing results and change our world for the better.

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