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The media have a saying, “If it bleeds, it leads”, and you just need to turn on your computer/mobile/tablet to know that media is a magnet for bad news. The world is sometimes painted as being so bleak that we forget that there are some real causes for us to celebrate. Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic about our future. The first five are from Bill Clinton and I’ve rounded it out with some of my own.
  1. Technology
    Access to mobile phones is enabling ideas and freedom like never before. Only 4% of households have internet access in Africa, but over half have mobile phones. This means that millions of people have been empowered with a means to communicate, learn, do business and stay in touch.
  2. Health
    More collaboration between governments, the private sector and foundations has seen inroads into better health systems for people in need. An example of this is in the treatment for AIDS, which now costs on average just $200 per patient per year.
  3. Economy
    It’s not all doom and gloom when you put the world economy into perspective. In the quarter decade leading up to the current economic crisis, more people worldwide moved from poverty to the middle class than at any other time in history.
  4. Equality
    Equality of the sexes has improved vastly over the last few years, especially in Africa and the Middle East – but there is still a long way to go. Since 2002, Bahrain’s national elections have been open to women and in Saudi Arabia, women will be able to vote and run for office from 2015.
  5. Justice
    Where there is inequality and injustice there will always be instability and conflict. While we still have our fair share of this, this is by far the exception rather than the rule.
  6. Liberty
    With the rise of protests demanding freedom and equality around the world it wasn’t surprising that the ‘Protester’ became TIME magazine’s Person of the Year in 2011. People are rising up and refuse to be dictated.
  7. Sport
    You can never doubt the power of sport to bring people together and what better example than the recent London Olympic Games. Sport gives us common passions, allow us to share emotions, and inspires us to greater heights. We are faster, stronger and more agile!
  8. 8. Science
    This year we landed on Mars, discovered the Higgs boson, created the world’s first quantum computing network and published the most detailed analysis of the human genome. These are just a few of the many discoveries made in this year, and through they may not mean much to you today, they will change the way you live in the future
  9. Creativity
    There is an entire generation of people who value creativity and innovation. They will make art, products, music, books and brands that will decrease our impact on the environment and improve our quality of life
  10. Social
    We are all connected. How incredible is that?

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