A culinary council assembled by the Sterling-Rice Group of more than 100 famous chefs, restaurateurs and food experts have decided what we’ll be eating next year with a list of top food trends for 2013. Looks like we’re in for popcorn and dumplings will be the new donuts.
  1. Tongue twister: Roll over sweet and salty, 2013 is the year of tart and bitter flavors.
  2. Lean and clean: Chefs tastes are moving more towards food that is better for us, yet still tasty.
  3. Dumplings over donuts: Comfort food will be taking on the flavors of Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.
  4. Veggies lead: Salads will no longer be a flirtation on the side, expect them to be the centre of attention.
  5. Mini meals: Kids will be eating mini versions of adult fare.
  6. Global food market: With the growth of the food artisan market, we can now buy good quality crepes and croissants from our local stores.
  7. Small and single: Single servings of food are on the rise as we savor one item of food at a time.
  8. Tutti fruity: Keep an eye out for fruit being used to enhance flavors in things like soups and meat dishes.
  9. To everyone’s taste: Gluten-free, vegan, pescatarian or meat-lover? No problem. Restaurants are bringing variety to their menus.
  10. Popcorn: Sweet, savory, or even sour, you name it, popcorn is set to make a comeback.

So, think like a child, eat like one. Kids rule!

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