Luxury In The Fast Lane

Luxury cars are built on reputation, quality and performance. Each vehicle is a combination of craft and engineering that needs to work in harmony with its driver, passengers and environment. For many people who invest in high-end cars, the product is more than something that gets you from A to B. It’s a piece of art, an insignia of achievement.

One of our clients, Lexus knows all about the pursuit of perfection. Part of the Lexus commitment is that they will do it right from the start, strive to be the finest, and treat each customer as they would a guest in their home. Now that’s an approach that any service provider could learn from, so it’s great to see that that both industries are working together to make inroads in the luxury hotel market.

Lamborghini recently launched the Tonino Lamborghini Boutique Hotel Suzhou in China; Bentley has developed a themed suite at the iconic St. Regis Hotel New York; and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aston Martin moves its brand into the territory as well. Lexus and The Ritz-Carlton are both represented by our Team One agency in Los Angeles so some client cross-pollination here would produce interesting results, especially for two companies so in tune with their people.

It’s exciting when two different industries come together to create new experiences for customers. It’s And/And. Now the difficult part is deciding where you’ll go.

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