The Swiss have their chocolate, the Russians, caviar, but in New Zealand, we have Marmite. Unfortunately, the much-loved spread is pretty hard to get now days as the factory where Marmite is produced was damaged by the Christchurch earthquake. So in what looks like “Marmageddon”, New Zealanders have rationed their Marmite stocks and scraped their jars to the last. But there is a silver lining to this story.

Renowned Kiwi photographer Chris Sisarich, whose work has been exhibited at the MILK Gallery in New York, has collaborated with local celebrities and the Rebuild Christchurch Foundation to capture images of 19 empty Marmite jars for a charity auction. The jars represent the struggle, determination and patriotism of New Zealanders as they rebuild their lives in Christchurch.

“It’s evident that everyone has been scraping at the bottom to get every last bit out – I know I have – and I hope that other Kiwis are taking a moment to reflect on the difficulties of the past two years for Christchurch as they reach the bottom of their jars,” Chris says.

One original photograph of each celebrity’s Marmite jar has been framed with a signed lid and bidding took place at With contributors like ex-All Blacks coach Sir Graham Henry and supermodel/actress Rachel Hunter, I am sure auction was fierce. All proceeds will go to the Rebuild Christchurch Foundation.

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