A recent article in Adweek on the way we like to communicate gave both comfort and concern. It seems that while the majority of us prefer to talk to our family and friends face-to-face, we’re happy to resort to emails and social media for co-workers and acquaintances. In the Age of Now where screens dominate and where we can always be in virtual contact, it is important to not take the easy route and simply send a message to people over having a conversation with them face-to-face.

At this level we’re able to engage with people on an emotional and personal level, less is lost through interpretation, and understanding can be met faster and better. Never is the exchange better or more fluid than when I am having a conversation with someone face-to-face. Taking the time to meet with the people in our lives can create an enormous lift in our mood and relationships. It can create the right chemistry to make ideas come alive. So take an extra two minutes to walk over to your co-worker and discuss an idea and ask them about their day.

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