In an effort to understand what drives today’s food culture and get a glimpse of the future of food, gravity – a design and innovation company – conducted a study called ‘Food Thinking‘. The study found that all food decisions are made between two processes: cooking and shopping, which is where food marketers concentrate their efforts.

Other interesting insights include:

  • Food is bling. Cooks become celebrities. Food becomes cult.
  • People create ‘food rules’ for daily food which impact on shopping trends.
  • Food is modern-day DIY. Our kitchens represent craftsmanship.
  • Food needs simplicity. 1 out of six British women struggle to cook basic dishes.
  • Food transparency. We’re seeking more information about our food, but do we really want to know where things come from?

Seems to me the only part their equation is lacking is the “moment of truth” i.e. the “eating” bit. Seems like an occasion to incant the Roberto Goizeta mantra “meet, beat, repeat”. Yum.

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