Love To Win, Hate To Lose

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of football’s iconic players (shame he is not with us at the Etihad). He’s an idol to millions and a symbol of what happens when talent, commitment and dreams come together. However, besides the football and fame what really drives this sporting superstar is his life philosophy ‘Love to Win, Hate to Lose’. Now Ronaldo is letting others adopt this mantra through a new line of shoes and clothing developed in partnership with Nike.

Each piece in the collection features a logo of a heart slashed by an X, representing Ronaldo’s ‘Love to Win, Hate to Lose’ mentality. It’s a brilliant visualization of an idea that can be worn over the heart like a badge of honor. This idea acknowledges that winning is all about frame of mind. Whether you’re a professional athlete or the average guy, wanting to win is a great attitude to adopt in everyday life. It’s uncompromising, results focused and driven by passion.

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