When the winds subside in the middle of a storm, and you experience a moment of utter clarity that propels you to get the job done, then you will have experienced calm from crisis.

Productivity guru David Allen believes that if we can tap into this sense of serenity, when all else melts away and we focus in on what needs to be done, then we become the most productive that we can be. But the nature of crisis is that it sneaks up on us, it’s unpredictable and can’t be controlled. Allen says that we don’t need crisis to tap into that sense of calm. We just need a few tools to help us get there.

“Getting things done is not about getting things done,” says Allen. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s really about being appropriately engaged with what’s going on. If we’re able to gain focus and be engaged then we can become more productive in our lives.

One of the ways to get that engagement is to gain “psychic bandwidth”, says Allen. We don’t need more time. That’s a fallacy. What we need is more space and room to think.

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Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is founder of Red Rose Consulting; business leader and educator; author and speaker; adviser on marketing, creative thinking and leadership.


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