Who was that masked man?

The legend of the Lone Ranger began in 1933 with the first radio broadcast. The story of a Texas Ranger, the lone survivor when a band of outlaws kill all the other Rangers he is riding with. Found barely alive after the brutal killings by his boyhood Indian friend, Tonto, he tames a wild stallion he names Silver. Together with Tonto (and his trusty horse Scout), the Lone Ranger and Silver travel across the American West to help the helpless and bring justice to the oppressed.

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels made the roles theirs. And in October 2011 I was lucky enough to buy two full size paintings (see above) of my heroes by New Zealand art hero Michael Parekowhai (from another great Kiwi Lucy Lawless) . . . and now Tonto is about to tell his story. In July 2013, Walt Disney Pictures will release Johnny Depp as Tonto telling the story of how the Lone Ranger became a legend of justice. I can’t wait.

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