Is Your Company Happy?

We all know what Albert Einstein achieved. He was passionate about what he did and was utterly dedicated to his work and used three basic rules for work:
  • Out of clutter find simplicity
  • From discord find harmony
  • In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Being happy at work means that you’ll be more productive and that success should come as a result. The opposite − a workforce that is disengaged, unmotivated and basically unhappy − is poisonous. Disengaged workers cost the US economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity. So it’s not just about morale. It becomes a social, cultural and economic problem.

Fast Company recently ran an article on the secrets of some of America’s happiest companies. Here are five basic rules:

  1. Remain committed to perpetual improvement. Support staff to meet their goals and let them learn from mistakes in the process. Develop movement and change. Status quo is not an option.
  2. Create meaning. Having a meaningful impact in the work we do will always help motivate and elevate.
  3. Recognize staff. Let staff know that what they are doing, no matter how small the job, is integral to the big picture.
  4. Humans first. Show empathy and an interest in staff and they will feel more connected and valued as human beings not just workers.
  5. Integrate. Offer some flexibility to staff so that they can stay engaged with life outside work. Offer flexi time and make sure workers have time to exercise. Being tuned into life outside work helps us plug into work.

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