Simple Message From Above

My old Grasmere neighbour, Williams Wordsworth once wrote that he “wandered lonely as a cloud” until he happened upon “a host of golden daffodils”. But members of the Cloud Appreciation Society aren’t lonely, nor are they looking any further than the clouds to find joy.

To the Society’s founder, Grant Pretor-Pinnery, and his fellow enthusiasts, every cloud does have a silver lining. “There are stunning parts of nature around us if we just change our perspective slightly,” say Pretor-Pinnery. “You’d be happier if you didn’t wish you were somewhere else in the world, somewhere without a cloud in the sky – encouraged by the travel industry. If you appreciate the beauty in that you’d be happier.”

The Society delivers a simple message, take the time to stop, look up, and appreciate your surroundings. Sometimes living life slow is just the way to connect to the creative.

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