When reading about a new hotel in Norway called The Thief, I was reminded of a quote by Andy Warhol. “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” But what about art as something that is good for business?

For those of you art aficionados and collectors, you know a good piece can change a space. A great work of art affects your frame of mind and has the ability to make you feel and think different. (A badly chosen piece can do the same, but with negative consequences!) I am of the opinion that any firm that wants to “Think Different” should embrace the power of art. Whether you’re an advertising company, retail store, bank or dental clinic, allowing creativity to permeate your working environment can change your culture for the better.

Charles Saatchi blazed a contemporary trail. The Chicago offices of Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust use art in their building because it forces the consciousness to explore its boundaries.” According to CEO Michael Rose, “It challenges us and reinforces, as a daily reminder, the value of creativity and of keeping an open mind through a daily dialogue with the work, which one can see differently on any given day.”

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