Turn Up My Voice – featuring Sharon Stone

Last year Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and CoorDown Onlus released the ‘Integration Day’ campaign, which saw a number of commercials’ regular actors replaced by actors with Down Syndrome on World Down Syndrome Day (21 March). The campaign aimed to see people with Down Syndrome better integrated into society, and particularly the workforce.

This year the dynamic duo paired up again to create another heart-warming and thought-provoking campaign to safeguard and promote the rights of people with Down Syndrome. #DammiPiùVoce (Turn Up My Voice) is a bold online awareness and fundraising campaign using the power of celebrity and connectivity. With more funds it is possible to defend rights of people with Down Syndrome through protective measures, projects that stimulate their engagement and autonomy, and through better information activities.

The campaign has seen 50 people with Down Syndrome asking their favorite celebrity to donate a video to support the rights of people with Down Syndrome. In these videos celebrities call for support from the public through donations. The videos, if shared on the celebrities’ social networks, have a higher chance of amplifying the voices of people with Down Syndrome.

The goal was to reach World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March with the highest number of celebrity videos donated. More than 40 celebrities answered the call, including actress Sharon Stone and Real Madrid boss José Mourinho.

In Italy the basic rights of people with Down Syndrome are still too often denied. This fantastic campaign uses modern communication to reach out and bring attention to the prejudices that surround people with Down Syndrome, to try and make real change within society. Let’s all be a part of this.

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