In this always-on world it can be hard to find time to relax. While spas and retreats can be a great way to take a couple of hours to unwind, they’re not always accessible. Nothing beats an idea, and seeing a hole in the market, a number of companies have developed products they believe will help with unwinding and finding peace at home. A few examples:
  • The Philips Wake-Up Light. The sound of your morning alarm can be a pretty unpleasant way to wake up, so Philips developed a lamp that gradually wakes you up over a 30 minute period by using a soft rising light. The lamp is based on ideas of circadian rhythm where the light from the sun naturally and slowly wakes your body up.
  • Kolher Wireless shower speaker – Kolher have a range of products aiming to make your bathroom a more pleasant and peaceful place to be, including the showerhead that includes a detachable wireless speaker so you can listen to music while you get ready in the morning.
  • Simple Noise is a colour noise generator available online or as an app. The idea being that colour noise, such as white noise, helps to block out unwanted background noise, and also soothes your mind when stressed or as you’re trying to fall asleep.

Too far-fetched for your taste? Have a soak in the tub.

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