Tear Down The Walls

We need more elastic environments. Not just in urban cities, but in business. An elastic environment is a place that can be used for multiple purposes by different kinds of people. It could be a retail store in the morning and a theatre space when the sun goes down. Or a house where everything is for sale – like FIKA in Tokyo. STORY in New York is a concept store that isn’t afraid to change its character, and The Gourmet Tea in São Paulo is basically a colourful wall that transforms into a side street shop during opening hours.

The concept of elastic environments embodies our culture of constant change. It symbolizes our potential to be free and open to new ideas. Even something as permanent as brick and mortar can work with us, rather than restrain us.

Here are some ideas of how to bring the spirit of elastic environments to your work:

  • Creativity needs space. Change your working environment so that it allows dialogue and the exchange of ideas.
  • Mix it up. Expand your creative suite to include the internet kid, graphic designer, blogger, psychologist, retailer. Even the data scientist!
  • Keep your door open. Invite people to send their ideas at any time. One of them may change the way your business does things tomorrow.
  • Take small actions. Embrace opportunity when it strikes. As soon as the lights went out at the 2013 Super Bowl, Tide sent out a tweet that generated plenty of buzz.

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