When Bhutan announced that it was going to be the world’s first 100% organic nation, many people went “??” Where is Bhutan? (It’s a landlocked area between China and India). Then – Is this possible?

It’s not the kind of statement you’d expect from the 162th largest economy in the world whose currency is known as the ngultrum, but it does take the concept of ‘making the world a better place for everyone’ to a whole new level.

Agriculture is the main source of Bhutan’s income and the goal is to have all their produce completely free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Bhutan is going to be known for something, and that something is going to be ‘real food’. They are going to shift nation-produced commodities like corn and rice up the Love/Respect Axis and infuse it with Respect AND Love. Respect, by doing things as nature intended, and Love, by taking care of its people in the process. When you consider that their whole sustainable development philosophy is based on the idea of Gross National Happiness, it’s going to be exciting to see if they can make it happen.

Here are five outtakes:

  1. Reach for the Stars: Great brands start with a dream – they are Purpose-inspired. They pulse with Spirit.
  2. Be a Creative Leader: Having creative solutions, being creative, leading creative ideas, being a creative leader, this is the performance factor to build a reputation around.
  3. Create Love: Reason leads to conclusions; emotion leads to action.
  4. Use the Three Secrets: Mystery, Sensuality, Intimacy
  5. Make It Happen: Relentless execution is the killer app.

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