Food trucks, foam, farm-to-table – these are all trends that have influenced what and how we eat over the years, but while some are going strong, others are fading away. Fortunately, there will always be new innovations to keep us eating. Here are five that you may be soon seeing on your plates.
  • Food fusion: If you haven’t heard of the cronut, it’s the latest craze amongst foodies. Part croissant, part donut, it’s got aspirations to be the next cupcake.
  • Printed food: It’s probably still a while away before you’re serving dinner from a 3D printer, but scientists are working on it. You could even be printing food that has nutritional values just designed for you.
  • Bugs: I don’t know how I feel about this, but the UN is promoting the eating of bugs as a great means of protein and other nutrients. If you’re in New Zealand, you can try a huhu grub at the Wild Food Festival.
  • Petal pushers: Following from bugs, it seems like we’re be seeing more from the garden. Edible blooms are in, and they’re not just beautiful, they’ll add texture to your meal.
  • The whole hog: Yes, they will serve you the entire animal, head to tail. Sometimes served one way, and in other instances through a variety of dishes. No need to waste, so I hope you won’t be planning to eat alone.

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