“We’ll die dancing.” What better way to go out than that? From the crazy edge here’s one to lift your heart, moisten your eye, and loosen your change.

They are The Hip-operation Crew, from beautiful Waiheke Island, New Zealand, and they are unstoppable. A hip hop dance group of senior citizens – age range mid-60s to mid-90s – is headed to the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas in August – wheelchairs, walkers and all. The team has been invited to do a tribute performance there, they’ve got the moves, and boy do they deserve to go.

Apart from inspiring people to pursue their dreams whatever the limitations, the group is all about showing respect to young hip hoppers in the world hip-hop community and connecting senior citizens with young people. Deafness, blindness and even heart stoppages have no chance against the spirit of these inspirational players.

Help them on their way. It’s Vegas baby!

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