Who Do You Trust?

I’m proud to say I know New Zealand’s most trusted person. I would, in fact, count him as a close friend. Sir John Kirwan is a legend. And not for the reason you might think. He is a former All Black #14 and current Auckland Blues rugby coach who has coached internationally for Japan and Italy. He scored one the greatest tries in All Black history at the inaugural 1987 World Cup. While that made him a household name, it was his openness and leadership about his battle with depression that earned him the nation’s trust.

JK has helped to shatter the stigma surrounding depression. He set aside his own fears of what people might think or say about him to help others. He didn’t just front a TV campaign, he made himself available to talk with people who needed his help. He led by example. Selflessly.

JK is a Lovemark to a lot of people. An inspiration. This survey has made me think about the people in our world who I would nominate as the most trustworthy. People who tell the truth. Who stand up for good. Who make a difference. JK is definitely one for me. Who’s yours?

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