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I believe hard work leads to good things. Reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground and in perpetual motion – as opposed to up on the couch all day.

One positive in these austere times is they provide a healthy dose of focus in the outlook of teenagers. Some research suggests that self-centeredness and an interest in fame, celebrity culture and designer brands have gone out of vogue.

The research is a major survey of British teenagers by Britainthinks. It turns out that teens want to find work as opposed to be famous and own designer labels. Two-thirds would rather work than be on benefits, even if it paid less. Work is paramount, interest in affluent lifestyles is low, and anxiety about ongoing austerity is high. And there is not much faith in politicians, which is hardly surprising.

Across the pond in America, more research found that today’s high-schoolers are more community-minded and less materialistic, though it seems this may just be because of the recession.

‘Hard work’ is the way to go and it marries bountifully with something Saatchi & Saatchi discovered a couple of years ago: the #1 thing that young adult males wanted was to “be creative.” I think this holds true across most young people today. Being a realist and an idealist, hardworking and big dreaming, this is when the heart pounds, sparks fly and the wheels of change turn. We have to get young people into jobs to lift their lives, and into jobs they love because young people’s dreams, hard yacker and cool tools will turn it all around.

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