It’s a Jack Reacher Week

Lee Child is a fellow Cumbrian (North West England) who also has a home and office in Manhattan and, according to The New York Times this weekend, also favors minimalism in his interior design. His book sales however have a few more zeros on them than mine (he’s up to 22 million) – in good part because, according to reviewer Timothy J Mccarthy, “Getting a Reacher novel in the mail is a lot like being handed an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer day. It’s simply not there for admiring or slowly savouring, you tuck right in and enjoy every lick. And like the cone, “Never Go Back” does not disappoint.

“This time, Reacher travels back to his old MP unit to meet its new commander, mainly because he was intrigued by the sound of her voice on the telephone. Once there, he finds that she’s been locked up, and he is being brought back on active duty so he can answer to a homicide charge and paternity suit. As always, nothing is quite as it seems, and Reacher has to peel back layer after layer to get to the truth. All while staying one step ahead of the law, drug dealers, and the Army.”

Go Jack! Tangentially, there are more Reacher novels sold per capita in New Zealand than in any other country. Listen to a great interview with Radio New Zealand’s Jim Mora and Lee Child.

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