Music, The Heart Healer

I’m a believer in the power of music. It connects with our soul and transforms our emotions. The right tune at the right time is undeniably addictive. I have this insatiable urge to respond to the beat. We all know music can benefit our mental health, but science is proving it goes beyond that. It’s a heart healer.   

A new study has discovered that listening to your favourite music – joyous or relaxing music being best – can in fact strengthen your heart and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. It’s all in the endorphins. Music doesn’t just trigger an emotional response, but a physiological response.

By plugging in your iPod for 30 minutes a day you can improve your vascular health. Exercising at the same time improves the results even further. If you have never marvelled at how complex, beautiful and brilliant our internal wiring is then you need to start.

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Kevin Roberts

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