The Mystery of Luxury

What makes a $1,000 pen different from a $2 pen? Why would someone pay $300 for a shot of Louis XIII cognac? People ask these questions all the time when they try to understand why some things cost so much more than others. The answer is that what is visible to the naked eye is only part of the story.

“The principle of luxury objects is that all the traces of work must be invisible,” explains Paris-based journalist and photographer, Laurence Picot. And it’s the hidden craftsmanship of these objects that led Picot and a team of artists and scientists at LuxInside to explore their inner mystery with the assistance of 3D scanning technology. The result? A series of photos as beautiful and intricate as the objects themselves. An x-ray of a pair of crystal encrusted Louboutin high-heels not only produced a dazzling image, but revealed a hidden metal structure, made of metal patented in WWII.

The in-depth exposure of these objects’ does not diminish the allure of them. Rather, the opposite occurs. The scans add an additional layer of fantasy, and reveals another level of care, innovation and storytelling that makes each individual item priceless.

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