Brazil’s most popular beer and long-term client of F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, SKOL has been named the Most Valuable Brand in Latin America in a survey of 50 brands conducted by BrandAnalytics , Millward Brown and WPP. The 50 Latin American brands are valued at $136 billion. The Brazilian multinational energy corporation and another Saatchi client, Petrobras, was #2.

Fabio Fernandes is the CEO and creative director of F/Nazca Saatchi and has led the transformation of SKOL from #3 beer brand in Brazil to its ascendancy at the top. If Lovemarks has a country as its natural home, it would be Brazil. Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy – what more can I say! The brand report noted that:

To reach the top rankings of the most valuable brands, SKOL adopted a strategy developed by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. According to him, brands need to create emotional connections with their consumers. Only then will be loved by them, are called “Lovemarks”.

SKOL take the Lovemarks business really seriously. They continuously monitor and map their Lovemarks standing competitively. Take note clients!

Under his creative leadership, Fabio and his F/Nazca Saatchi team have helped create a brand that is young, irreverent, funny and even a little subversive. From Skol flavored Easter eggs, to bringing the spirit of Brazil’s famous Carnival into homes across the country, and transforming the humble beer bottle into designer homeware, Fabio and co have seen SKOL become an undisputed Lovemark in Brazil, not just in the beer category.

Check out Brian Sheehan’s book Loveworks for the case story on SKOL – and understand how SKOL “goes down round.”

Magnificio, SKOL and Fabio!

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