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New York digital strategist Greg Satell is a smart guy. His excellent blog Digital Tonto of October 9 ran with “4 Corny Business Ideas That Actually Make Sense.” He’s on the money. See the post for the full story of each idea.
  1. Tribal Leadership by Culture Sync based on Robin Dunbar’s research , mapping five Tribes whose cultures respectively are Hostile (rare), Dysfunctional (25% of organizations), Competitive(49%), Collaborative (22%), and Mission-Driven (2%).
  2. Lovemarks: Highly appropriate for marketing in the digital age. As technology makes breaks down traditional barriers to entry, the only sustainable path to advocacy is loyalty without reason;
  3. The Rise of the Machines: Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of MIT argue that automation is taking over in their book, Race Against The Machine ; technology is becoming so productive that machines are displacing humans; and
  4. The Passion Economy (Satell): successful managers must be able to focus the passion and purpose of high performing talent; the key human contribution [in an automated world] will be the ability to imagine and to dream.

Rah Rah #2! Greg calls Lovemarks “decidedly irrational and emotive” and me a “throwback” but “still thinking about humans.” I’ll bow to that.

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