When it comes to travelling, airports tend to be the most forgettable part of the experience – or a part of the trip that you wish most to forget. It’s intriguing that after all these years, and all the millions of people who move through airports around the world, that a great airport still eludes so many major cities. A coat of fresh paint will not appease guests, no matter how transient.

One airport in Burlington, Vermont, has introduced features that not only make large airports seem even more unfriendly, but it has taken an approach that makes other places seem built for robots, not humans. Burlington International Airport (BTV) is only one of three airports in the US to offer yoga classes. It also has private rooms for nursing mothers, ample access to power sockets, rocking chairs (!), a free business work centre, and instead of offering its visitors the same run of the mill coffee chain, food and drink offers are provided by local businesses.

BTV has taken a look at the atypical airport experience (the ones we dread) and democratized comfortable and stress free travel. Their experience is made available to every passenger, not just those in club lounges.

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