Collecting Dreams with Shadow

Dreams, the ones we have in our sleep, have a way of getting away from us. They slip from our memories soon after waking, popping up in odd moments, or as déjà vu. Dreams can be random, but they are more often a reflection of our conscious and subconscious, the interpretation of which can be both enlightening or baffling.

In mysterious fashion, there is new app called Shadow that wants to assist in helping us recall and record our sleeping dreams. It wants to create a community of dreams and use this information to explore what people around the globe are dreaming about (yes, I thought my dreams was the one place Big Data couldn’t get to either).

One might consider that such an app could remove some of the allure from dreams, but I counter this. I think the app could add to the mystery of dreams – causing us to question more the impact of the world around us on our subconscious, our feelings towards a particular person, event, or product. It might even help us realise a brilliant idea we might never have thought of outside our sleep.

Shadow’s goal is impressive and has the potential to shed light on the collective subconscious. To quote the creators:

“.. What do we dream about during a thunderstorm? After an election? Before a disaster? Do celebrities really dream differently than the rest of us? We think these questions hold amazing truths about how interconnected we really are.”

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